Build Your Investment Portfolio.

Propervest will help you build or improve your investment portfolio. Our staff of experts are here to help avoid pitfalls and support you every step of the way. We truly appreciate the opportunity to help grow your investment.

How We Work

Propervest allows you to be as hands on or off as you would like.

Determine Your Investment Goal

For example, you would tell us you would like to have $1,000.00 passive income after expenses per month and you have $80,000.00 to invest. You would have multiple options in this scenario. For the sake of this example we decide to find two undervalued homes at $25,000.00 a piece and put $15,000.00 into the renovation on each. At the end of our renovations you have two houses valued at $50,000.00 a piece. Most importantly they are rent ready and would generate $800.00 per month income totaling $1600.00 income. After expenses and reserves for repairs you would be at roughly $1,200.00 per month in take home passive income.

Start Earning Rental Income

Propervest does not claim that real estate is the only investment opportunity that has excellent returns. However, if done correctly real estate investing will out perform the vast majority of stock, bonds, 401k, IRA, etc.

Our property management division is laser focused on maximizing your profit and overall portfolio value. We have custom procedures to minimize vacancy, prevent maintenance requests, and increase tenant quality and turn over.

Sell or upgrade your investment

Each of our clients and properties we manage are treated as an investment and any repairs or upgrades we do are intended to increase the overall value of the property. Our never-ending goal is to make sure all our owners are set up for success in reaching their financial goal.

Most importantly you own the real estate. If at any time you want to sell the properties for more than your initial investment or upgrade your portfolio Propervest can handle that for you as well.

Message From the Owners

We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in building your real estate portfolio.

Propervest is the where your real estate investment worries are put to bed. We have the experienced staff to make your real estate investment as low risk and worry free as possible.

In no way is real estate fool proof or a guaranteed way to make money but real estate if done correctly can be an amazing way to quickly increase net worth and passive income.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you in building your real estate portfolio.

Brian Klarich



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