How Does Propervest Work

The easiest way to think about Propervest is how you would look at any other investment portfolio. You would talk to your broker or financial planner, explaining the amount you would like to invest and your goals for that investment.

Propervest is no different. You let us know what your short and long term goals are as a real estate investor and we create a plan that works for you.

For example, you would tell us you would like to have $1,000.00 passive income after expenses per month and you have $80,000.00 to invest. You would have multiple options in this scenario. For the sake of this example we decide to find two undervalued homes at $25,000.00 a piece and put $15,000.00 into the renovation on each. At the end of our renovations you have two houses valued at $50,000.00 a piece. Most importantly they are rent ready and would generate $800.00 per month income totaling $1600.00 income. After expenses and reserves for repairs you would be at roughly $1,200.00 per month in take home passive income.

Important factors to note is that Propervest will manage your property for you every step of the way. You can be as hands on or hands off as you like at any point in the process. Each of our clients and properties we manage are treated as an investment and any repairs or upgrades we do are intended to increase the overall value of the property. Our never-ending goal to is make sure all our owners are set up for success in reaching their financial goal.

Most importantly you own the real estate. If at any time you want to sell the properties for more than your initial investment or upgrade your portfolio Propervest can handle that for you as well.