All of the property acquired through Propervest initially is managed through our excellent team. Propervest property management strives to have clear and simple fee and pay structure. Our management team is constantly focused on improving your investments at the most reasonable price. As the owner, you are welcome to use your own contractors as well but we are rarely beaten in price and when we are I would be cautious. With our simple fee structure, you can easily assess where you are currently and plan your future investments.

Our management company knows that an empty building is a poor performing building so we strive to keep that minimal. Over the years we have developed a custom leasing strategy that provides maximum exposure, lead capture and appointments to make sure your properties are vacant for the shortest duration.

For current property owners that are not yet Propervest clients, we would love the opportunity to manage your properties as well. Our same no hassle, simple, investment focused management would be at your disposal. If you are tired of the hassle of managing your own properties or are unhappy with your current management company, please feel free to contact us so we can help.